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Your kid should have a perfect room — make it happen!

Are you planning to fit out a nursery in your home? At Happy Room Store you’ll be able to purchase all the necessary decor items, pieces of furniture, toys and other related goods. Make your kid the happiest he or she can be by shopping at!
Wall stickers
Even the most basic and mundane elements of a room like walls can be modified to be perfect for a nursery. Buying some items from the selection of beautiful and cute wall stickers presented at our web store is a great starting point in redecorating your child’s room.
Windows shouldn’t be neglected in the interior design of a nursery. Curtains that are sold at are pleasing to the eye and will look any room nicer and more comfortable — don’t hesitate to check out our assortment!
Carpets and activity blankets
The floor is an integral part of the child’s nursery. By ordering colorful and highly practical carpets, rugs and floor blankets you can make the space much nicer. Moreover, playing mats available at our website are educational and entertaining as well!
Shelves and toys storage bags
A nursery should be practical as well. Just like any other room, it needs to have shelves, so look through our selection of elegant-looking and spacious shelves to put your child’s stuff there. Purchasing special storage bags for toys at our online shop is also a great idea: these hanging bags and storage boxes become a part of a room’s design and are quite helpful.
Comfy and gorgeous pillows available right here at are a great addition to any child’s space. These fluffy and cute pillows will make a kid’s sleep better while at the same time being a toy!
Obviously, chairs are a must for any room, including children’s rooms. Chairs for kids are special, and a wide range of bright, cute and comfortable beanbags, folding chairs and even inflatable sofas is waiting for you at Happy Room Store.
A nursery must be well-lit. Be sure that this web shop can offer you a lot of awesome lamps and nightlights of all possible designs for your child’s space in your home.
Wooden toys
Wooden toys are great as both toys to play with and decor items to place around a nursery. Treat your child with various quality toys from!
Books and backpacks
If your kid is old enough to start preparing for school, our web store is just the place for you. Help a child enjoy studying by buying great backpacks and colorful children’s books right here!

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