Kids’ bedroom design ideas hot in 2018

Kid’s bedroom decoration is our passion. We always try to be up to date with the latest trends and
create the most joyful environment for our little ones.
The trends for 2018’s children’s bedroom designs have been inspired by the world of their parents, and from the latest hit in the Educational and Parenting Systems like Montessori. Now more than ever the parents have started applying the Montessori classroom design into their kid’s bedroom.
The Montessori System benefits you and your child in many ways. Here are few examples:

  • Teaches a minimalistic and feng shui inspired lifestyle which provides easier access to toys, books and furniture.
  • Gives independence, privacy and comfort.
  • Builds trust and confidence in the child by allowing them to do tasks on their own.
  • It stimulates the imagination and helps develop skills by creating games using the tools that the interior design provides.
  • Provides with plenty of free space to play.
what can be better for the child than a children room full of things to do where the kid is feeling comfortable with easy access to all the toys, books and accessories needed

What can be better for the child than a children room full of things to do where the kid is feeling comfortable with easy access to all the toys, books and accessories interested/needed

At this day and age, we are able to compare educational systems and parenting approaches from all over the world.
When decorating our kid’s bedroom, we need to be considering the best tools that all the different parenting systems provide us with, while keeping an eye on the new trends. By doing this we are helping our children fit into the social environment in which they are growing. We also must be willing to adjust at all times as our little ones develop their own interests with the passing of each day.

In 2018 the most popular motifs are the geometry patterns, shapes, and forms. The colors are not so bright as they used to be in previous trends and are now leaning more towards the Scandinavian style.

Wall stickers and decoration
First, we start with the wall stickers. The wall stickers are the easiest and cheapest way of improving the look of your child’s bedroom, making it match their interests.
If you have an infant then the use of more vibrant colors is recommended as this will help improve their verbal and imaginative skills.
One of the advantages of the wall stickers is that these are easy to install and remove.
This way, you can play around and change or add more to them as often as you like. Our favorites are the stickers installed on top of the light switches.
The butterfly ones, which can be installed by simply sticking them on or attaching them with a magnet are our favorite pick. They come in various colors and you can arrange them according to the other surrounding elements which are part of the decoration. They are also easy to be moved or rearranged.

In our shop, you can find a variety of illuminating stickers such as ceiling stars, Halloween and Christmas decorations and many others, inspired by other special holidays.

Is there a favorite cartoon your kid loves watching and can’t stop talking about, then it could be a great idea to incorporate that into their bedroom. We offer many wall stickers based on fiction characters from popular animated films.

Custom designed stickers, printed especially for you!
If you can’t find a proper wall décor for your needs but you have the idea just use this form and get in touch with us. We will sort it out. Yes this is correct! You can order custom stickers designed and printed especially for you.

Furniture made from wood and other natural elements, improving the imagination and creating play space
We are not offering furniture as of yet, but we love sharing our best picks as they play a big role in the whole picture. We hope to get you inspired.
The variations for decorating the kid’s bedroom these days are as many as the options for the parents. But here we want to mark few trends which we believe will be really popular in 2018.

  • Beds imitating tree houses, tents, hammocks, cars, boats and so on.
  • Shelves at the height of your child, providing the little explorer with easy access to books and toys.
  • Natural wood elements.
  • Carpets with maps, other game ideas or just nice colorful shapes.
  • Pillows and beddings made of borg or faux fur or printed with popular cartoon characters.
  • Designs inspired by the interests or the profession of the parents.
  •  Handmade, Etsy like elements. The reason being is that these are full of character and there is also a unique charm to them.

Toys made from wood and other natural elements

In our society, the tendency these days leans more towards minimalism.
With the toy market being so accessible, our child’s bedroom can very quickly, turn into an overcrowded jungle of plastic toys.
But there is a new trend, which is very much inspired by the vintage simplicity. The market demand for hand-made toys made from wood, Needle-felt or recycled materials has drastically increased over the years.
The aim of these toys is to not just give the kid the next most trendy play toy but to also spark their imagination.
One of the best toy sets you can offer to your baby is a handmade board with fitted different switches, knobs, and locks which by exploring help awaken their imagination and improve the fine motor skills of the hands.

Hi-tech and toys based on animated film characters

It’s a fact. For almost every cartoon character there is a toy. Elsa and Anna, Spiderman, Moana, Woody and Buzz or Batman. Whatever your kid’s favorite cartoon character is, you can be sure that they will want them incorporated into their bedroom decoration.
And here comes the most recent technology. If the toy can move, speak and act like the real character it makes it even more enjoyable for the little ones.

Plants in the children’s bedroom

Decorating the kid’s bedroom with plants isn’t something new. I remember having a cactus in my room 30 years ago. But now the trend is to have them arranged in a feng shui way. As a result, we have created a less stressful environment for our child.

not spiky cactuses

And if you have more space you could also add a fish tank, ant’s colony or if you’re brave enough maybe a terrarium with an iguana or tarantula in it. The idea is to keep children close to nature and give them a better understanding of life.

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